Specialising in musculoskeletal complaints by optimising structure & function

Osteopathy is a primary healthcare profession providing medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabililtation of musculoskeletal complaints, and the effect these have on patients’ general health.

Using many of the diagnostic procedures applied in orthopaedic assessments, osteopaths aim to maximise the function of the musculoskeletal system without the use of medication or surgical intervention wherever possible.

We have helped thousands of people for musculoskeletal complaints since 1990, from back pain to arm/leg pain, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you feel pain free again.

You may be suffering from back or joint pain, struggling with chronic ongoing pain or an acute episode, which is making it difficult to do your day to day activities. You may also only get occasional aches and pains that you worry may become more serious.


I am so excited to share with you that SOS Osteopaths & Wellbeing Clinic have relocated to a brand new clinic in Southwick this July! We look forward to welcoming you to Unit E, 132-134 Albion Street (Lady Bee Marina)!

8:30 am – 2:30 pm
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  • ‘For Number of years I haven’t been able to have an active life due to muscular skeleton and balance problems. It all changed 7 months ago when I started having treatment sessions with SOS Osteopaths. They are very professional and caring osteopaths who have helped me get a lot better. They are very thorough is explaining the treatment plan and helping to liaison with my GP about my conditions so they could refer me to the physiotherapists, where in the past my GP has referred me for the wrong thing. I would recommend Holly and the team at SOS osteopath.’

    M. Wilkinson

  • ‘Excellent Osteopaths. They know their subject! They work their magic every time. They have helped me with many ailments, niggles, accidents and traumas. Ben and Holly really are the best. Can’t recommend them enough ( and they are very charming too!)’

    J. Stewart

  • ‘I suffer from muscular back pain due to working 5 days slouched over a desk in an office so I regularly book appointments with SOS Osteopaths who always sorts me out and finds exactly where the source of the pain is to relieve the tension. Would definitely recommend this clinic to those who suffer the same problem!’

    F. Safiruddin