‘I am very satisfied with my treatments every time I go and see holly, she is a very professional lady and looks after her clients very well and cares for there needs. She has helped my back and neck pain and also my continuous sinitus. Would highly recommend holly if you are looking for an osteopath wouldn’t go anywhere else now amazing lady!’ B. Blackman

‘I recommend SOS to my friends, the treatment I have for my neck problems and headaches are brilliant and get me back on the rails. Holly and the team are very reassuring and understanding of my problems, I find it very calming and relaxing.’ C. Hall

‘Saw SOS Osteopaths today about a recent herniated disc and also a long term lower back injury and she was great. They explained what I’d done, what was happening underneath the surface and was honest about treatment and healing times. I will definitely be coming back to see them on a regular basis. Thank you SOS Osteopaths’ L. Hyde

‘I saw SOS Osteopaths in the latter stages of my second pregnancy. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional and after the first session I was pain free for the first time in months. I have visited them recently, post-natally, and received the same fantastic and effective treatment. I’ve recommended SOS Osteopaths to other pregnant friends and they too have sung their praises. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of an osteopath for your back pain, they are brilliant with magic hands!’ R. Sinclair

‘I suffer from worn neck vertebrae, due to playing rugby in my youth & now sitting at a computer for long periods. I have used SOS Osteopaths for the last 12 years and, the care is first class, enabling me to carry-on a ‘normal life’ free of pain without medication and without too many visits to ‘have my neck stretched’. All the practitioners are really excellent,caring people with good ‘bedside manners’ ,and I like the banter too.’ I. Barber

‘I suffer from muscular back pain due to working 5 days slouched over a desk in an office so I regularly book appointments with SOS Osteopaths who always sorts me out and finds exactly where the source of the pain is to relieve the tension. Would definitely recommend this clinic to those who suffer the same problem!’ F. Safiruddin

‘Excellent Osteopaths. They know their subject! They work their magic every time. They have helped me with many ailments, niggles, accidents and traumas. Ben and Holly really are the best. Can’t recommend them enough ( and they are very charming too!)’ J. Stewart

‘For Number of years I haven’t been able to have an active life due to muscular skeleton and balance problems. It all changed 7 months ago when I started having treatment sessions with SOS Osteopaths. They are very professional and caring osteopaths who have helped me get a lot better. They are very thorough is explaining the treatment plan and helping to liaison with my GP about my conditions so they could refer me to the physiotherapists, where in the past my GP has referred me for the wrong thing. I would recommend Holly and the team at SOS osteopath.’ M. Wilkinson

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